Andrea Nesti

IMPROVVISOINCANTO (which means Improvising in Song) is a musical project that was invented more out of an intuition than an idea: Can totally diverse genres and cultures merge together and create an interesting musical poem? If we take a glimpse into the past we discover that similar experiments had been successfull and therefore, one is encouraged to reflect...

The composer Charles Ives for example, in the "Concord Sonata" for Pianoforte magically weaves together very diverse cultures; the western-like influences of Beethoven's musical quotations, the repetative arabic sonorities that transform with every musical cell and contrast with the afro-american jazz idioms.


The understanding of Zen culture influenced a great part of the musical compositions of John Cage, a composer that renewed the actual way of "thinking" music. Improvvisoincanto is a merging of different cultures by way of the artists and there musical interpretations.

The performers in fact come from totally different musical backgrounds: from classical to contemporary, from jazz to blues to rock. The songs for this project were chosen overall for the extraordinary beauty of the text and belong to what would be considered the "pop" genre. The execution of these songs is a collision of musical episodes; figurative and abstract, tonal and atonal, written and improvised, long, brief and minute.

IMPROVVISOINCANTO invokes the audience to listen with a whole new prospective and invites the listener to open him/herself to a new world of sonorities, sounds, colors and timbres. Keeping this in mind, the listener may have a better sense of the "extra-territorial" significance of our initial question. A simple answer - yes or no - will make the goal of our intuition worth its while


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